Jérémi N ‘EndMove’ EndMove

Discord.JS bot template.

Updated 12 months ago

EndStorage 2048 game visit : https://2048.g.endmove.eu/. Adapted from the "gabrielecirulli" 2048 game.

Updated 5 months ago

Microsoft Exchange calandar access rights changer for Enterprise (requested by Luminus Solutions)

Updated 7 months ago

Ce repository me permet d'apprendre à utiliser golang en tant que serveur web ainsi que de bidouiller un peu, ce n'est ni un projet ni du code "propre".

Updated 8 months ago

Hi is a java project template with a compilation and execution script utility to facilitate these two operations under windows.

Updated 7 months ago

Php compaction tool, that allow you to make a .phar of your php project and Library.

Updated 6 months ago

Updated 7 months ago

React project

Updated 1 month ago

WebPicDownloader is a website image scraping application. Allowing you to quickly download all the images of a website while avoiding the anti robot protection

Updated 1 month ago