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import os
import re
import sys
from webpicdownloader.model.WebPicDownloader import WebPicDownloader
from webpicdownloader.controller.HomeController import HomeController
from webpicdownloader.controller.InfoController import InfoController
from webpicdownloader.controller.MainController import MainController
from webpicdownloader.controller.Frames import Frames
from webpicdownloader.view.HomeView import HomeView
from webpicdownloader.view.InfoView import InfoView
from webpicdownloader.view.MainWindow import MainWindow
def get_sys_directory() -> str:
Recover the path of the application's resources.
directory = sys._MEIPASS
except Exception:
directory = os.getcwd()
return directory
def get_config() -> dict:
Retrieve the application configuration
return {
'app_name': 'WebPicDownloader',
'app_folder': os.getcwd(),
'app_version': '1.0.0', # This version must match with the version.txt at root
'app_version_date': '2022-09-11',
'app_depo_version': '',
'app_depo_releases': '',
'sys_version_matcher': re.compile(r'^(\d{1,2}\.)(\d{1,2}\.)(\d{1,2})$'),
'sys_directory': get_sys_directory(),
'about_title': 'About WebPicDownloader',
'about_content': "This scraping software has been developed by EndMove\nand is fully open-source. The source code is available\nhere:\nEndMove is available at the following address for any\nrequest In case of problemsplease\nopen an issue on the repository.\n\nThe logo of the software was made by Gashila"
if __name__ == '__main__':
WebPicDownloader is a program developed and maintened by EndMove under Apache 2.0 License. Stealing code is a crime !
Disclamer : The developer of this application can in no way be held responsible if his application is used for illegal purposes.
@author Jérémi Nihart / EndMove
@version 1.0.0
@since 2022-08-30
# configuration
config = get_config()
# Create utli/model
webpic = WebPicDownloader(path=config.get('app_folder'))
# Create app controllers
main_controller = MainController(config)
home_controller = HomeController(main_controller, webpic)
info_controller = InfoController(main_controller)
# Create app views
main_window = MainWindow(main_controller)
home_view = HomeView(main_window, home_controller)
info_controller = InfoView(main_window, info_controller)
# Add views to main window
main_window.add_view(Frames.HOME, home_view)
main_window.add_view(Frames.INFO, info_controller)
# Choose the launching view
# Start main windows looping (launch program)